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International Domestic Cleaning Products is based at Hartbeespoort Dam, and trades within the domestic cleaning manufacturing industry as well as the commercial and small industrial market.

The company was founded in December 2017 by two shareholders who realised that there is a huge need for more affordable, top quality cleaning products for our markets as an alternative to the ever increasing and over priced products available in the retail outlets.

Our market research showed that the cleaning products industry is worth R4 Billion per annum, of which the BIG retailers take 99 % of the market share.

The shareholders have 40 years marketing, 8 years chemical manufacturing and 20 years business management experience between them.


We started “International” with one manufacturing plant in Cape Town, and concentrated on the top 10 household and commercial cleaning products.  We quickly realised that our high quality products competed well with all other product supplied by the big retailers and that because our prices are 30 %, or more, lower than our competitors, we have a serious marketing advantage. Our product range was then increased to cater for additional markets.

“International” soon had interest from entrepreneurs regarding our concept and our first agency at Hartbeespoort Dam was sold in February 2018.  The agency has taken off and performed way over our expectations.  This agency appointed 6 consultants within one month, and is continuously creating more job opportunities.

Through word of mouth and our social advertising campaign, interest in our business model has grown throughout the country. Prospective entrepreneurs want to start their own small businesses and see the potential of our concept in their home towns.

We decided to formulate and perfect the establishment of numerous agencies throughout the country.  This includes registering a Company (Pty) Ltd with its own share certificates for each Agency, trading under our brand, installing compact manufacturing plants and supplying the knowledge, infrastructure, training, marketing material, and business administration necessary for success.

“International” sells agencies, not franchises, to make the business more profitable for the Agency Owners and to avoid unnecessary red tape.  This allows the agencies to operate individually and determine their own growth and success.